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Sucessful Project Manager Skills: AI, Agile & Tech Toolbox 2024

  1. AI: GPT4 Turbo, Dalle-3, GPTs Agents(Assistants), APIs
  2. Business:
    1. Agile: Scrum, MVP, Kanban, Lean, cross functional team
    2. Scrum: JIRA, Backlog, Sprints, Board, User Stories, AC, Plan, Daily, Reviews & Retros
    3. PM: Social skills, planning, Roadmap, stakeholder management, project delivery, Migration
    4. Finance: Analytical skills, reports, BI, problem solving,
    5. DOCS: Confluence, MKODCS, markdown, GDOCS (docs, sheets, slide), Slack
  3. TECH & Automation:
    1. DEV: VSC, Python, FastAPI, MongoDB, JSON, Jinja2, HTML, JS, CSS
    2. Devops: Linux (WSl, Ubuntu), bash, nano, NGINX, Docker, DC, Cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure), CI/CD, build, test, deploy


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Soft Skills

  1. Adaptability and Resilience: The ability to quickly adjust to new circumstances and bounce back from setbacks.
  2. Collaboration Skills: Effective cross-channel communication for teamwork and innovation.
  3. Excellent Communication: Being an effective communicator and listener.
  4. Productivity Amid Uncertainty: Maintaining productivity in challenging times.
  5. Leadership Skills: Particularly important as the workforce evolves with younger generations.

Technical and Professional Skills

  1. Artificial Intelligence (AI): Proficiency with AI platforms is becoming increasingly essential.
  2. Blockchain: Understanding and applying blockchain technology.
  3. Cloud Computing: Skills in managing and developing cloud-based solutions.
  4. Data Analysis and Data Analytics: Ability to analyze and interpret data.
  5. Digital Marketing: Strategies and tools for effective online marketing.
  6. Machine Learning: Skills in developing and applying machine learning algorithms.
  7. Software Development and Engineering: Including understanding of Software Development Lifecycles (SDLC).
  8. UX Design: Designing user experiences that are effective and engaging.
  9. Video Production: Skills in producing high-quality video content.

These skills represent a blend of soft and technical abilities that are expected to be in high demand. It's important to tailor your LinkedIn profile to your specific field and career aspirations, highlighting the skills most relevant to your professional trajectory【38†source】【52†source】.

Agile Skills

Agile Methodologies

  • Scrum: Focuses on sprints, daily stand-ups, sprint planning, reviews, and retrospectives.
  • Kanban: Emphasizes continuous delivery without overburdening the team.
  • Lean Development: Prioritizes customer value and efficient workflow.
  • Pair Programming: Involves two developers working together at one workstation.

Scrum Elements

  • Sprints: Time-boxed iterations for developing a product increment.
  • Daily Stand-Ups: Quick meetings to discuss progress and obstacles.
  • Sprint Planning: Session to plan the work for the upcoming sprint.
  • Sprint Review & Retrospectives: Meetings to assess the sprint and identify improvements.

Product Backlog Development

  • User Stories: Descriptions of software features from an end-user perspective.
  • Acceptance Criteria: Conditions that a software product must satisfy to be accepted by a user.
  • TDD (Test-Driven Development): A software development process that relies on the repetition of a short development cycle.
  • DOR (Definition of Ready): Criteria that determine if a user story is ready to be worked on.
  • DOD (Definition of Done): Criteria that determine if a task in a sprint is completed.

Prioritization and Execution

  • Cross-Functional Team: A group with different functional expertise working toward a common goal.
  • Analytics: Data-driven approach for decision-making.
  • Stakeholder Management: The process of managing the expectation of individuals with an interest in a project.


  • Mkdocs: A static site generator geared towards project documentation.
  • GitHub/GitLab: Platforms for software development version control using Git.
  • Google Docs: A web-based document management application.
  • JIRA: A tool for issue tracking and project management.
  • Confluence: A collaboration software program.
  • Slack: A messaging app for teams.
  • Python: A high-level programming language.