Project management Guide

What are the project management topics covered

This section explains the fundamentals of project management which is considered both a science and an art.  You will discover everything you need to know about project management including some definitions, its history, project management frameworks and the project lifecycle with each of the key phases from initiation to closing.  It will give you a good understanding of how to successfully implement any type of projects.


  1. What is a project
  2. What is project management
  3. What are project management goals
  4. What is project success
  5. What is project management history
  6. What are project management methodologies
  7. What is a project lifecycle
  8. What is risk management
  9. What is team management
  10. What is resource management
  11. What is expectations management
  12. What is managing dependencies
  13. What is quality assurance
  14. What is project closing
  15. What is project documentation
  16. What is a project best-practices
  17. What are the project industries
  18. What is programme management

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