Pre-Sprint Activities

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What happens prior to the Sprints (Pre-Sprint):

  • The Vision Statement provides a concise description of the goals of the project which help the team stay focused on what is important from the organization point of view.
  • The Product Roadmap is an initial visual timeline of major product features to be delivered and is normally created by the Product Owner.
  • Stories are user requirements which will be turned into deliverable features, normally written by the Product Owner based on requirements from the customer.
  • All these stories make up the Product Backlog and the first Sprint can start as soon as there is enough stories defined, without the need for the Backlog to have 100% of the details.

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Scrum Artifacts

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Scrum artifacts of management activities are created to increase transparency of information related to ]project delivery and provide opportunities for inspection and adaptation.
There are six artifacts in Scrum:

  • Product Backlog: an ordered list of everything , aka all of the stories, that might be needed in the final product
  • Sprint Backlog: selected items (stories) from the Product Backlog to be delivered through a Sprint, along with the Sprint Goal and plans for delivering the items, aka the tasks needed to complete the Sprint Goal
  • Increment: set of all the Product Backlog items completed so far in the project, up to the end of a certain Sprint
  • Definition of Done: shared understanding of what it means for a story to be considered complete
  • Monitoring Project  Progress: performance measurement and forecast for the whole project
  • Monitoring Sprint Progress: performance measurement and forecasts for a single Sprint

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