Sprint Review

Discover 4 hours, inspect the Done items, demo, meet DOD, update PB, get feedback/changes, status

Sprint Review overview:

  • At the end of the Sprint, the Scrum Team and other stakeholders gather and hold a four hour meeting to present and inspect the Done items (the Increment) from the current Sprint.
  • The Development Team demonstrates and explains each one of the items.
  • The Development Team does not present an item, unless it is 100% complete based on the agreed definition of Done, which should be reviewed by the Product Owner before the Scrum Review.
  • The duration of this meeting is normally four hours for a one month Sprint. If the Sprints are shorter then this meeting will be proportionally shorter.

Sprint Review objectives:

  • Update the Product Backlog by marking off Done items as complete and add new items or change the existing ones if necessary.
  • The presentation of the Increment in this meeting is intended to collect feedback and raise change requests at the earliest time possible.
  • We welcome changes in Scrum and encourage them to be demanded, because it increases the satisfaction of the customer and will create a final product that better matches the needs of the customer.
  • The Product Owner discusses the status of the Product Backlog and the likely completion dates based on the progress. 
  • Finally, the whole Scrum Team collaborates on revising the Product Backlog based on the output of the Sprint and the feedback received from the customer.

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