Daily Scrum

Discover 15 minute daily, same place/same time, sprint progress (board, burnt down chart), scrum team only, 3 questions (done, to do, obstacles)

Daily Scrum overview

  • The Daily Scrum is normally a 15 minute meeting for the Development Team to inspect the work since the last meeting, and synchronize their work and plan for the next 24 hours.
  • It must be held on a daily basis, ideally at the same time and place.
  • The Daily Scrum meeting should be held at the same time and same place throughout the Sprint, to minimize the complexity.
  • It is just for the Development Team and it is not a status meeting for all the stakeholders.
  • They should assess progress towards the Sprint Goal and forecast the likelihood of completing the items before the Sprint is over.

During the Daily Scrum, each member of the Development Team should answer these three questions:

  • What has been accomplished since the last meeting
  • What will be done before the next meeting
  • What obstacles are in the way

Sprint progress:

  • The Development Team should also monitor Sprint progress each day and therefore it is a good idea for the Sprint board (wall chart) to be visible during the Daily Scrum meeting.
  • They can use a burn-down chart to track their remaining work and check to see if they are going to complete all items before the end of the Sprint.

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